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About Yoshi Kogo

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It is a curious path that took me from the ancient, traditional Art and Design studied in Japan to various businesses in the wide-open Western culture of America. 

By Japanese standards, my parents were very liberal.  They allowed me to attend art school and study for two years beyond my bachelor’s degree.  But they assumed that my art would not go beyond marriage and something to embellish life as a hobby.  That was not what I envisioned for my future.


After graduating from Tokyo University of Arts, I decided to move to the most dynamic and unpredictable place I could think of -- New York City. There I taught fabric painting at the New School for Social Research and established a designing, manufacturing and retail fashion business.  After many years, I left this hectic life for the quiet of Western Massachusetts, where I met Eric Carle, who encouraged me to create children’s picture books.  Simon and Schuster published a number of my works which were met with success.  Also, I continued to integrate my interests in foods, music and entertainment. My artistic expressions reflect my experience of living in two distinctly different worlds. 

My interest now is to take inspirational themes and ideas to create multi-faceted, cultural connections.  Today’s internet technology allows me to evolve and follow new paths of interest.  


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